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updated @ 2018-04-41

This site is the base for all projects by AquariuSoft, also known as Michiel Scholten. AquariuSoft is specialised in web and backend development, system and network administration (Linux) and application development.

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Currently the most active projects are the web projects, Python modules, and Python/Django stuff. The aquamorph livecd is not under development anymore and some other projects have been deprecated too. Those are prefixed with 🔒, to denote them being outdated.

The other projects aren't forgotten though. I just have to spread my sparse free time among the things that interest me most at a given time and I don't want to spread it thin.


One of the projects that you might want to check out, is digimarks, which is a stand-alone web-based bookmarking tool, that can be run locally if you like. It only depends on a few Python libraries and uses SQLite for storage (and a subdirectory for favicons).

Take a look at the changelog to see what it is up to.

ns-api and notifications

A very hidden-but-useful project combination is the ns-api library to communicate with the Dutch Railways information system and the ns-notifications notifier, that notifies you of delays and disruptions in your (daily) commute.

The Qik and paragoo site frameworks/generators

One of the projects of AquariuSoft has been actively maintaining the last few years was Qik, a PHP based framework for quickly setting up a site, even multilingual if you want. No need to use databases, only PHP has to be installed. You don't even have to know anything about PHP programming to set up a site with it!

However, it has been largely superceded by paragoo, a static site generator compatible with a big part of Qik's configuration, but built in Python and compiling everything to static html files.

A lightweight, online bookmarking system

Of course one can have their browser(s) synchronise bookmarks for them, but when multiple browsers are used and mobile phones come into play too, having a central system to keep interesting findings or other kinds of bookmarks readily available can be really useful. Enter digimarks, a simple, easy to install web-based bookmark system.


06 Apr
Timeline for news items, looks a lot better than cards. This also means some paragoo updates.
13 Jul
Some notes on EuroPython 2017 (mind you, raw notes)
12 Jun
Fixes to code blocks, better code highlighting and more.

13 May
The site is now automatically updated (regenerated) on update through a webhook trigger on webhaak, triggered from its Git repo.
01 May
A lot of work went into the update of this website, that was long overdue. Most of the work went into writing the paragoo site generator, which generates the website from source files, and into the new templates and themes. As you can see, the content is still in the progress of being updated, as a refresh was long overdue.