EuroPython 2017

These are my RAW notes, so messy, rambling and probably to noone's use.

20170713 Thursday EuroPython Rimini

10:30-11:15 Type Annotations in Python 3: Whats, whys & wows!

Andreas Dewes

11:20-12:05 Inside Airbnb: Visualizing data that includes geographic locations

Guillem Duran Ballester

12:10-12:55 Introduction to Nonparametric Bayesian Models

Omar Gutiérrez

Some people just can't present. Seemed like an interesting subject, but could not concentrate on his really quiet rambling talk, instead playing with the Jupyter notebooks from the previous talks

14:00-14:30 An introduction to PyTorch & Autograd

Paul O'Grady

14:35-15:05 Developing elegant workflows in Python code with Apache Airflow

Michał Karzyński

15:45-16:15 Inspect (Or Gadget)

Hugues Lerebours , Renaud Bauvin

16:20-16:50 Fixture factories for faster end-to-end tests

Stephan Jaensch

20170712 Wednesday EuroPython Rimini

09:00-10:00 If Ethics is not None

Katharine Jarmul


Lots of good thoughts.

Copied and typed some to:

10:30-11:15 Mary had a little lambda

Anjana Vakil

12:10-12:40 Teeing up Python: Code Golf

Lee Sheng

(really would like to have the slides)


15:45-16:15 Realtime Distributed Computing At Scale (in pure Python!): Storm And Streamparse

Alexander Lourenco

16:20-16:50 Infrastructure design patterns with Python, Buildbot, and Linux Containers

David Liu

Abuse all the tools :)

Better could have gone to:

16:20-16:50 How to make money with your Python Open-Source Project

Max Tepkeev

(skipped, but would've been better)

17:00-18:00 Lightning talks


Visual debugger: pudb

Came for the language, stayed for the community.

20170711 Tuesday EuroPython Rimini

09:00-10:00 How to create inspiring data visualizations?

Jan Willem Tulp


Really interesting ways of visualising a collection of archives of architectural data. Also star maps generated for ESA and an overview of all trees on earth.

10:30-11:15 Write more decorators (and fewer classes)

Antonio Verardi


Stop writing classes:

Decorators are rather easy to use, but can be hard to write. In concept though, they are simple.

11:20-12:05 Abstract Base Classes: a smart use of metaclasses

Leonardo Giordani


12:10-12:40 Why you don't need design patterns in Python?

Sebastian Buczyński


14:00-14:30 There should be one obvious way to bring python into production

Sebastian Neubauer


14:35-15:05 Feeding a real-time user interface

Vita Smid


15:45-16:15 Django: From a nightmare to a dream with Best Practices.

Stephane Wirtel


15:45-16:15 Discovering Descriptors

Mariano Anaya


16:20-16:50 Django and Graphql

Patrick Arminio


17:00-18:00 Lightning talks

Reporting security issues: if someone reports to you, take it seriously. Create a howto in your README too.

If reporting yourself, do it privately, you might take someone off guard, also possibly endanger users.

Don't document your experiences for others, experience your vacations and such for yourself (you can still take pictures and souvenirs, but do it for yourself). gitmate-bot coala IGitt (an exclamation of disgust) Interface for Git{Hub|Lab}

Quickly create/publish packages on pypi: flit

dothub sealed mock: mock.sealed = True # from now on, no new attributes can be declared

tests: use aioresponses (when doing requests in asynchronous io)

1 - Thank you for moving the elephant to the middle of the room. 2 - Don't mention it.

20170710 Monday EuroPython Rimini

09:15-10:00 Keynote

Armin Ronacher

UTF-8 and beyond, careful with slicing, no subclassing of dictionaries

10:15-13:15 Django & Celery - frequently used patterns

R. Georgiev

12:10-12:30 But how do you know your mock is valid? Verified fakes of web services

A. Dangoor


Something else, "->" in function definitions:

12:10-12:30 Django Rest Framework, one year after: tips, tools, tricks and pitfalls.

A. Castillo


12:45-14:00 Lunch

14:00-14:30 Debugging in Python 3.6: Better, Faster, Stronger


14:00-15:30 AsyncIO for beginners

14:00-17:00 Faster Python Programs - Measure, don't Guess

Mike Müller

(pictures, pdf's)

jupyter: - load - - %load_ext snakeviz - %snakeviz test()

functools: create decorators (like in ./measuring/ measure_memory This one creates a decorator the create a measurement of a function, storing it in a variable


import use_mem %load_ext memory_profiler %mprun -f use_mem.use_mem use_mem.use_mem(numbers) (external process, so should be in a file, as the OS is doing the measurements)

n = int(1e4) sum([x ** 2 for x in range(n)])

try finally, always does the finally before returning, even when there's an exception


Async Web Apps with Sanic: Flask-like API