paragoo site generator

paragoo is a static site generator, written in Python. It takes a simple yaml file with the structure of the site, the source Markdown/HTML content files and the Jinja2 based templates and builds a directory structure with the final website.

The name is derived from παράγω, which is Greek for 'generate', 'produce'.

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code Clone the paragoo repository at Github.

code Clone the paragoo example website repository at Github.

paragoo Material design theme

To be able to kick-off a paragoo-based web site really quickly, some basic themes were developed. The MaterializeCSS theme for paragoo site generator, is a set of themes using a Material design look with pre-made responsive views. They are all the same grid, but vary in colours.

code Clone the paragoo-theme-material repository at Github.

Imagine is a photo archive/catalogue/gallery backend. paragoo will have a module to generate galleries from an Imagine source.

This module project has just been started and waits for Imagine to be more feature complete.

code Clone the paragoo-imagine repository at Github.