Query the Dutch railways about your routes, getting info on delays and more. See below for the syntax and example output.

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From PyPI

Assuming you already are inside a virtualenv:

pip install nsapi

From Git

Create a new virtualenv (if you are not already in one) and install the necessary packages:

git clone https://github.com/aquatix/ns-api.git
cd ns-api
mkvirtualenv ns-api
pip install -r requirements.txt

As part of ns-notifications

Alternatively, follow the installation instructions of ns-notifications, which makes extensive use of this library to serve notifications to for example a smartphone. The requirements of both packages can be installed in the same ns-notifications one mentioned in the project; ns-api will be installed through pip from PyPI.

Also take a look at nsmaps

Bart Römgens created a fascinating contour map called nsmaps based on ns-api. It visualises Dutch railways travel information with OpenLayer 3 contour maps to show how long it takes to get somewhere in the Netherlands by train and bicycle.

Example application

For example, I use the library to push notifications about my route to my phone through Pushbullet. The program I use to do this has its own repository: ns-notifications.

NS API key

To actually be able to query the Nederlandse Spoorwegen API, you need to request a key. Provide a good reason and you will likely get it mailed to you (it might take some days).