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10 Jun

Check out the new Django section, with tips and tricks for installing, configuring a server with Apache, notes from DjangoCon and more.

07 Jun

A new child in the family of websites! Behold, the new home of - well - us :)

01 Jun

Yeah, it has been rather quiet here. However, work hasn't killed my projects, so I'll be updating this website more often in the upcoming months. For the time being, I've started a Django page, on which I group my Django notes (like how to install an app on an Apache server, where to find information on X and such. Enjoy!

26 Jan

Currently working on a design revamp and a structural review of the AquariuSoft website. It will become a lot cleaner and have a better layout. Check back soon!

23 Sep
09 Sep

Added a mobile version, so if you browse with a decent mobile browser the site should look a lot better. Also, be sure to check out the updated Android application list if you are into that platform.

28 Aug

Added Android section. The Android OS is gearing up to be a very promising platform, not in the least to develop for. So, alongside the list of handy applications, there will likely be some homebrew Android applications in the future. Also removed the Security section, as it wasn't maintained anyway.

05 Jan

And a happy 2009! Not that much news here for quite a while, but that doesn't mean nothing is going on. dammIT weblog has recently seen a complete restyle and a surge in content. Also, the website of Apotheek Waterrijck went live and is currently scheduled for a slight overhaul in visuals. Also, the Hedgehog comic by Dirk Doornenbal was launched, as was g1powermac's weblog, which was revived after slumbering for a while.

09 Jan

Happy 2008! The site is being updated and some releases are (long over)due. A new snapshot of Qik will be put online after I finish documentation. Also, aquamorph might see a new release soon!

17 Sep

General updates to the website and added a page about nofications from the irssi IRC client

10 Jan
06 Sep

aquamorph has got a new haircut. Well, new release. Anyway, it's nice. Go get it :)

27 May

Added a portfolio with projects I've done [Dutch version / Nederlandse versie]. Added more information to the Dutch section of the website.

26 May

Site design: Got rid of the repeating-diagonal-line background and created a small border with margins around the content Content: Updated the overload information manager page with new project details. Also released a new Qik snapshot, and updated some other pages on the fly.

02 Feb

Added the Portfolio section. Renamed "All things Linux" to "Linux", "Windows programs" to simply "Windows" and "Home and news" to "Home", so they take up less space in the navigation.

25 Jan

Created a website for my girlfriends team of students pharmaceutical sciences. They're simulating a real pharmacy store for training their management skills.

24 Jan

Changed the looks of the website again. The text filling out to the whole width of the window didn't cut it. The bars at the left and right framing the content are better.

23 Jan

Restoring the bugtracker, the forum and the dammIT weblog. The gallery will be online again when I've transported the old server to here. Note that the Jake Rockwell site has it's own domain now.

UPDATE: everything seems to work fine. If you find something that's missing, doesn't function right or so, please mail webmaster at aquariusoft org.

22 Jan

Totally revamped the site again, thanks to lots of input of Sander. Also reviewed the content of all pages and updated quite a lot of it.

21 Jan

Updated some pages and did some tweaks to the layout. Added support for images in the navigation.

19 Jan

Updated Qik so it supports multiple languages, news items and more. Extensive rewrite to make it a lot more versatile and even easier to set up.

Copied the pages from the database to flat files to use with Qik, developed a new look for and put the first version of it online at the new server. Also added a Dutch page.

05 Dec

As I'm currently developing a new version of aquamorph, I updated the projects' pages. Stay tuned for the long awaited release of version 0.3 of aquariusoft's Linux livecd

05 Oct

The Morphix crew has a gathering from the 26th of November till the 29th. More info at the Morphest 2005 page.

22 Aug

Updated the bug tracker and the forum to the latest versions of the software. Both now feature RSS feeds so now you can stay informed of anything new.

02 May

Added a configuration for xsupplicant to use with the wireless network on the Vrije Universiteit and the project page for the overload feedreader. Cleaned up the frontpage a bit and finally redid the windows programs page. Updated the HTML projects page when I was at it too.

02 Dec

Implemented a nice url rewrite scheme, so the url's used on this site are a lot cleaner. No longer those [IMHO ugly] parameter style urls. Please update your bookmarks accordingly. Tweaked the CSS a bit. Updated quite some content [update links, add featured items and more].

22 Aug

Reorganized and cleaned up a lot of code of this site to make it more generic and christened the CMS aqute, which will be available for download when it's actually useful for third parties. Cleaned up the styling of the top navigation to let it blend in better with the rest of the site. And last but not least: wrote a parser for special NEWS tags so dynamic news sections are possible. RSS feeds will follow.

06 May

Finished the new CSS design, updated some pages and finally putted the new website online. It still needs some tweaking, but it's finally almost done now.

05 May

Began designing a new CSS. It's going to be a very clean one.

02 Apr

Tried to fix the CSS for IE. Validated some pages, updated the frontpage. Renamed "Main section" to "Home".

01 Apr

Redesigned general navigation layout, with new color scheme.

25 Mar

Designed a menu layout.

22 Mar

Restyled the news item layout.

16 Mar

Restyled the page layout. Made it xhtml 1.1, finally stopped using tables as positioning tools [yuck] and made a new stylesheet from scratch.

08 Jan

Added the Palm source and the Security sections. Updated the aquamorph page.

17 Dec

A major code overhaul in the logic behind this site. And a new logo :) See it at bottom of this or every other page.

15 Dec

Updates to the aquamorph page, the Credits page and this Homepage.

09 Oct

Put the files of the Windows programs on this server, so they could be downloaded from here. Still have to make new pages for each program though.