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updated @ 2008-01-09

The overload information manager

2007-09-17: as the overload service has been discontinued because of lack of time and the excellent Google Reader, development has stalled. Still, there are plans to resurrect overload as an information manager, written in Python and using the great Universal Feed Parser from Mark Pilgrim. Finding relations between various pieces of information will be an integral part of the new implementation.

2006-05-01: 'overload feedreader' will be rewritten into a more generic information manager, 'overload manager', which will not only serve your feeds, but also remembers your bookmarks, notes and more; all fully taggable and searchable. Also, this won't be written in PHP anymore, but instead use the fine Django framework based on Python. This enables me to focus my efforts and thoughts on the features. Don't worry for feature creep though, overload will stay a clean tool!

The current stable overload feedreader

I'm currently developing a web based, Open Source [GPL'ed] news feed reader, which you can use on it's own address, or download and install on your own web server, needing only PHP and a MySQL database.

overload is based on the magpierss parser [currently version 0.71.1 with some small patches] and is written in pure PHP using only the magpierss parser and a MySQL database.

Currently, the version online is the "development" version. You may experience some minor breakage now and then, but nothing serious as it's intended to be used. If larger changes are made, an other address will be used to ensure the usability of the reader.

If you use the version aquariusoft.org is running, your browser will notify you of the use of a self-signed security certificate. As we are not trying to prove who we are, but rather just want you to use a secure channel, you can allow your browser to install it in it's list. Be wary of those warnings in other cases, though!


/images/icons/archive.png Snapshot 2006-05-26 [105KiB, latest PHP version, including XUL version, enclosure support and lots of improvements]

Road map

Version 0.1 [due July 2006] -- publicly usable version with basic but powerful feature set

Version 0.2 [August, September 2006] -- extended features and user interface

Future versions