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updated @ 2010-01-29
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aquamorph aka aquatix' Morphix lightgui mainmod modification - Clean, Simple and Complete

Update on 2016-05-13: discontinued

aquamorph has been discontinued for a while, as demand for it ceased. Causes were changes in Linux usage, newly developed Ubuntu-based livecds/live-usbs and the lack of optical drives in laptops, among other things.


aquamorph version 0.4 has been released! Originally based on Morphix' Lightgui, aquamorph is a complete, up-to-date environment, in which the user can comfortably browse, program and generally just do his work, while not having to worry about configuring and installing things. It features programs like Mozilla's Firefox browser and Thunderbird e-mail client, X-Chat for IRC chatting, Gaim version 2 for Instant Messaging, Abiword and Gnumeric for doing office work, Wireshark [formerly Ethereal] for doing forensic research, Graveman for burning CDs/DVDs etc. It also packages some nice fonts and audio/video codecs. The Java 1.5 environment has been left out for space reasons, besides it still being non-Free.

So, what's the aim of aquamorph? First of all, it's intended to be a polished, intuitive GNU/Linux environment. This way you can impress people with the world outside microsoft's and apple's. The applications included are intended for daily tasks, forensics and fixing computers. A plus is that, when installed to hard disk, the user instantly has a usable environment.

Releases have been slow, but the aquamorph project has be set up to make the process of creating a new mainmodule and therefore a new cd image [.iso] a lot easier, and even scriptable [read: automated]. I'm able to create a completely up-to-date image in just a few commands now, so it will be up to Morphix' hosting to set the pace in which I can upload new versions. I think I'll release once a month, but of course that depends on my free time and Morphix' hosting.

2007-09-17: as you may have noticed, releases are still slow. Real life is taking its toll, and not having enough hard disk space also complicates matters. Still, the project is not dead, and when new hardware comes in, automated builds will be kicked off.

2010-01-29 nowadays there are a lot of livecds around. Still, having a clean environment to debug a pc with -- or use as linux workstation away from home -- is something aquamorph likes to be. Efforts are being put into setting up a new building environment to generate new versions. So stay tuned!


September the 5th 2006 [Morphix Commit Day 2006] saw the light of aquamorph v0.4 final!

Download the 0.4 Release Candidate! [v0.4rc1, released 2006-09-03] from this not too fast server [update: the final is there, yay!]. This build doesn't have Sun's Java, as it's still non-Free and takes in a lot of space. If there's demand for it, I'll put it in anyway. There *are* fonts and audio/video codecs on board, so go ahead and enjoy. I'll test it on some real machines [thus far, only on emulators], and maybe write a manual, after which the final will appear here, and will be available for download from faster sites.

Download the really old version [v0.2, released 2004-07-28] from Morphix' SourceForge.net repository, but I'd really recommend the 0.4 version ;)


/images/icons/archive.png Current mmaker XML file

/images/icons/question.png 0.5 target date 2007-02-10

/images/icons/archive.png 0.4 final 2006-09-05 [337MiB, md5sum: 1357dcf00eb87372c51b9d57cd5b2d68 Updated: now available from SourceForge.net]

/images/icons/archive.png Linuxtracker has created an aquamorph v0.4 .torrent. It's categorised as Morphix CD [which is technically correct of course :)] and links to OSDir.com and OSVids.com, but not to this page. Oh well, it's kinda cool anyway :)

/images/icons/archive.png mmaker XML file for aquamorph 0.4

/images/icons/deleted.png 0.3 internal release with Xfce 4.2 etc. Then Xfce became uninstallable due to 4.4 beta 1 coming into Debian sid...

/images/icons/cd.png 0.2 2004-07-28 [md5sum: c4a86bf263022df87bab6ede1aafaa80]

/images/icons/deleted.png 0.1 2003-09-18 [no longer available]


05 Sep

Satan has gone skating! Enjoy your aquamorph version 0.4 :)

05 Sep

Today is the day. On Morphix Commit Day 2006, aquamorph version 0.4 final will be released! After more then two years, it's about time ;)

Gaim 2:

aquamorph v0.4 with gaim2 screenshot

03 Sep

Finally, something for download! The release candidate of aquamorph version 0.4 can be downloaded and tested from this server. Mind that it's not a blazingly fast server, so it may take a while :) Let me know how things fare.

A screenshot:

aquamorph v0.4rc1 screenshot

15 Jun

And another update without a tangible .iso to download. However, now Xfce is installable again, I started updating my tools again, and it seems aquamorph v0.4 [yes, .4 as .3 used Xfce 4.2 and I want to distinguish between them] could be ready and of next week, maybe even sooner. Some updates:

  • added mksquashfs which I accidentially forgot to add to v0.2 [still necessary for v0.3 with 0.5-pre6 base?]
  • added dvd/cd-burn software [done in v0.3: graveman; may include gnome-baker if wanted]
  • make aquamorph autobuildable [as of v0.3, aquamorph is build with mmaker]
  • Add hal-device-manager and pmount to automatically mount devices [like cd-rom, usb thumbdrives etc], which the nice Thunar file manager supports too
12 Mar

OK, v0.3 is almost done now [no, really!]. I'm playing with the size a bit, as the full thing turned out to be 420MiB. When leaving out the Sun Java things, stripping some of the fonts and some packages but keeping in the audio/video codecs I now have an .iso of 339MiB. Thoughts about putting Java in or not can be posted at this relevant weblog posting.

Obligatory screenshot [click to enlarge]:

aquamorph v0.3 screenshot


You can reach me for bug reports, feature requests or fan mail ;) at aquamorph at aquariusoft dot org. I hang around as aquatix in #morphix at irc.freenode.org too