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updated @ 2010-01-29
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aquamorph aka aquatix' Morphix lightgui mainmod modification - Clean, Simple and Complete


Efforts are being put into setting up a new building environment to generate new versions. So stay tuned!

Some mild warnings

Reactions indicate that aquamorph is coming along quite well, but there's always a lot to be done. Not only with aquamorph itself, but also with the Morphix project, it's base modules, the various tools and the autobuild subproject. As of version 0.4, aquamorph uses a 2.6 kernel [yeah, was about time ;)], in the case of 0.4 the 2.6.15 one [v0.2 used the Morphix base 0.4-1e, which still used a 2.4.x kernel].

Something that doesn't work well with aquamorph v0.4 is getting out of it: the log out button in the panel only closes the panel instances [the panel at the right and the task bar panel]. Logging out from the desktop menu notes correctly that no session manager is running, but then says the user should find another way to log out. The best way is to do a sudo reboot I guess :)

Should I add the Liferea news feed reader to aquamorph? And a cd/dvd burning tool? [I'm thinking about xfburn or gnomebaker now].

Another note of warning is for using the Morphix installer and grub. It all should function well, but I didn't test aquamorph with an install. If you succeed or encounter problems, please let me know with an e-mail at aquamorph at aquariusoft dot org.

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You can reach me for bug reports, feature requests or fan mail ;) at aquamorph at aquariusoft dot org