🔒 livecd HOWTO

updated @ 2006-02-01

This is a fast introduction to building your own Morphix based livecd using the mmaker toolkit.

The steps


Setting up the build environment

Creating your own mainmod[ule]

Building an .iso out of it

More advanced stuff

If you manually modify some stuff in /tmp/libmorphix-<randomsequence> [e.g., /tmp/libmorphix-9oVKWq] , you have to use the following command to re-compress the mainmod: "module-builder /tmp/libmorphix-9oVKWq aquamorph_20051120a.mod" [or whatever you want to call the mainmodule].

When you want to be able to resize windows ntfs partitions from the livecd, add package ntfsprogs to your .xml and use the program ntfsresize when booted

Example of a mainmod .xml:


<name>Morphix LightGUI</name>
<repository type="debian">ftp://ftp.debian.org/debian</repository>
<repository type="plain">http://www.morphix.org/debian</repository>
<description>Morphix LightGUI mainmodule. Includes XFCE4, Firefox,
Abiword and a host of other goodies</description>


<!-- ... other goodies here ... -->