simplog/kontent: weblog software

updated @ 2016-04-03

Next generation: Kontent

The upcoming version of the dammIT weblog will be running on top of the kontent framework.

code Clone the kontent repository at Github.

code Clone the kontent-dammit repository at Github (dammIT theme).

system_update_alt Download the latest source code.

simplog / dammIT

The software the dammIT weblog is currently still using, is available as open source here. It's a simple, easy to set up weblog, which can be skinned nicely with the use of style sheets.

Officially called 'simplog' as of 2006-04-29, this small suite provides a simple weblog written in plain PHP and uses a MySQL back-end. The source needs some minor updates and a default non-dammIT theme needs to be created, after which it will be put online here. Maybe it needs renaming to dammlog or dammitlog beforehand, as simplog already seems to exist.


code Clone the dammIT repository at Github.

system_update_alt Download the latest source code.