Essential apps

updated @ 2010-05-04

This page contains a selection with recommended apps taken from the bigger list of useful applications with a short description and a link to the respective Androlib pages which contains their QR-code (which allows for direct download with the market application on the device). Maybe the QR-codes will be added too later on.

Start with getting Barcode Scanner and find the respective QR-code's of the applications on Androlib. Great source of applications BTW.

NB: I'm not endorsed by any of these applications; they are just being extremely handy, great to have or otherwise amusing. I am not responsible for whatever those applications do to your device or otherwise. See it as a repository or treasurebox for your Android phone. All of the applications in this list are free. There may exists paid versions of the programs with more features, so be sure to discover gems on your own. Also, there might be a donationware version available to thank the author for a job well done.


Location based info, tracking and GPS various

Networking, communication

stay_current_portrait Flynx - Read the web smartly - Apps on Google Playmore_vert

Nifty pop-up browser that saves you a lot of time while catching up with your social backlog

Flynx - Read the web smartly - Apps on Google Playclose

shop PlayStore

News, information, weather etc.


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