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Basketball club The Mapleleaves

The Dutch Basketball club Mapleleaves has had their site completely restyled by AquariuSoft. Also, a site framework was set up to easily maintain the content, which is also under AquariuSoft's wings. The framework eventually grew out to a project on its own, the Qik framework. AquariuSoft is also webmaster of the site.

[ mapleleaves.nl ]

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Apotheek De Uithof

For a team of pharmaceutical sciences students simulating a real pharmacy to test their management skills, AquariuSoft designed a website which reflected the character of a friendly pharmacy, run by a thight team. It was implemented in such a way that someone with limited knowledge of HTML could extend the site with more pages, which they did.

[ Apotheek De Uithof ]

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overload feedreader

The overload feedreader is a webbased, Open Source [GPL'ed] news feed reader, which you can use on it's own address, or download and install on your own webserver, needing only PHP and a MySQL database.

Currently the project is being rewritten in the Django framework based on Python and will become an "information manager", for also storing your bookmarks, notes and more. The interface will be redesigned and will make use of tags for easy saving and reviewing of information.

[ overload | overload project page ]

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ProBanker banking simulation reskin

For the Rotterdam School of Business of the Erasmus University, I co-designed a new skin for the ProBanker banking simulation. The frontend was done in Apache Struts.

[ No website available; internally used tool ]

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Personal weblog: dammIT

Since late 2003 I have a personal weblog, where I ramble about technology, web techniques and vent my frustrations on day-to-day things. It features three RSS feeds, a search function, archive and more.

[ dammIT | simplog software ]

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Personal site at the Vrije Universiteit

To provide my university projects a nice host, I designed a personal site of my own. The content is not getting any updates anymore.

[ Personal site at university ]

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CGI server programming

For a project I wrote several CGI pages in C, which I hooked up to a paper storage server, also written in C. The site provides a nice interface to both the SunRPC-driven paper server, as the Java based hotel reservation system.

[ No website available ]


Besides designing and implementing websites and web applications, AquariuSoft is specialized in writing standalone applications too. Contact me for more information, prices and questions about hosting.